Ghost in the Mirror

Looking in the mirror it’s all I can see

The ghost of a dead man looking back at me

I loved him so much, father of mine

But all I want now is a chance to be free


You were the boss, you drew the line

Nobody dared to undermine

On pain of death that’s how it felt

Life was easier just to resign


Your hands big enough no need for a belt

Only the once did I show the welt

But once was enough to be scared of you

Mental anguish is what you dealt


No longer here, this much is true

I couldn’t even mourn for you

I still hear your belittling discourse

Bullish words I never outgrew


Back in the mirror, I look again

With weary smile, I count to ten

I am who I am, what will be; will be!

Living my life until death knows when


Copyright © JRFC April 2019

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