The Skywalker Saga – In 9 Verses


A child born from a virgin birth

Travelling the stars is what he sought

A waif, a stray, a no body

No more than a slave to be bought


A Padawan Jedi he became

But conflicted was his soul

Fear and anger grew within

Power and domination his goal


Lead by a master of dark forces

His greed got worse and worse

And fear for the death of a loved one

The final stamp on a prophesied curse


Years they pass, split between worlds

His twins now start their adventure

Children born from good and evil

Fighting a familiar oppressor


From glorious victory to bitter defeat

The twins go their separate ways

Different battles, their fight continued

Losing friends in brutal affrays


Banding together, a rescue ensues

Regrouping for one last run

And with a deadly threat looming

Its short lived as the war is won


30 years pass in the blink of an eye

The twins now separated awhile

She the mother of a force bearer

He chose the path of exile


But it’s family that speeds his return

A Nephew hell bent on power

As was his Grandfather before him

Win or lose when comes the hour


A conclusion with questions unanswered

Whose victory will seize the day?

There’s still the matter of the Order

And who is the woman called Rey


Copyright © JRFC May 2019 
The Mush claims no credit for any images/photos
featured on this article

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