Slaves to Time – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution as part of their Monthly Theme: Time.


We think of life as a marathon

But look back and we’ve run a sprint

Where did all that time go?

No more than an emotional glint

When did we become slaves to time?

Living our lives by the clock face

Strapped to our wrists

Ticking at a regular pace

I remember a time when time didn’t exist

I can even tell you the year – 1982

Time was no more than day and night

To live in the moment was all I wanted to do

I was thirteen that summer time

Playing footie over the Ganges Field

My marathon, all but started

With friends and fun, happiness my yield

Now I find time has overtaken me

With less in front than behind

Sprinting towards the finish line

My future no longer defined

Oh time; you liar, deceiver

Letting us believe we will live forever

Like a con artists promise

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