Spirit of the Sea

I didn’t believe it at first

Was it the state of my mind?

A trick of the light

The miracle I needed

There it was… There she was


I sat on the shore line

Wrapped in my own melancholy

The blustery salty air

Filled my senses

While sea spray hid my tears


The cold tide lapped at my tired feet

As larger waves crashed on craggy outcrops

And there she was, just there

A white shadow on the edge of my periphery

A translucent rainbow balancing on the tide


Her beauty was beyond nature

Flowing silver hair that rippled like water in the breeze

Eyes of blue, sparkling like bright aquamarine

And her complexion; iridescent like milky opals

I was fixated, hypnotised, obsessed


And as I fell more and more under her spell

She called to me, ‘Come, come to me, do not fear’

Her lips didn’t utter a word but I could hear.

‘Come, let go of yourself and join me for a while’

‘But I will drown’ was my primitive verbal reply


‘Come, trust in me and all will be well’


Copyright © JRFC June 2019
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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