Sitting on a knifes edge

He’s wondering when the push will come

While gravity is all that

Holds his balance

And his curse at bay


He watches the clock

Tic toc, tic toc

As it skips by oblivious

To his dread and fear

That holds him so near


There’s a finger on a hair trigger

He knows this, after all

His imagination told him so

While the monsters in his head

Laugh at his ludicrous anguish


Anguish born from childhood

And Pater’s ill guided conversations

Now symbiotic with blood and bone

Nerves on fire with spots of pain

From continued pin pricking peers


And now it’s time, he’s accepted

The clock has told him

“Death is ready for you

But you already knew that

After all you now rely on that curse”


“If you don’t, you’ll be branded a fool

And mocked by the very imagination

That impaled this curse into your mind

It’ll laugh at what you’ve become

A gullible fool led by a soured mind”


But, what if…?

After all this time, what if?

He wakes up from a

Brainwashed mind-scape

And walks beyond the horizon


What will he do then?

Start his journey all over again

Look back at what a fool he has been

And live the rest of his life

Regretting mistakes and failures


No; NO

He’ll stand tall and realise

Mistakes are made

And failures are laid

To learn from and grow strong


Copyright © JRFC July 2019
Image by Tabeajaichhalt from Pixabay

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