Epiphany Rewarded… A Double Whammy

I need to start this post on a negative in order for the positive to shine. My apologies from the get-go; Therapeutic Rambling abound.

In the world according to the Mush there are those that have been judged on who does what best and the rewards they get for it. Unfortunately there are many of those in my somewhat selfish opinion that get recognised for far more than they deserve while others miss out on true recognition.

For a long time I have felt judged on what I do, although in reality it’s probably my fault for letting myself be judged and in turn judged myself on my success and failures. Even as far back as leaving school with not much more than one shitty qualification under my belt I have considered myself a failure. And I put blame in places and on people that I won’t be discussing here.

So where is this all going, well I recently turned a corner. Only last week I kind of had an epiphany in the form of some empowering TED talk videos that shone a light for me and showed a new perspective on things. I know there have been some great moments and successes in my life which brought me to this conclusion:


Phew; take your time JC, small steps. Nope I said it and fuck does it feel good.

With this epiphany and the smiles it has brought, I have also been rewarded from non-other than Karma itself. I can’t ask for better than that and for me this came in the form of simply being recognised and nominated with two blogging awards during this month of July that I have not really done anything about other than thank those that nominated me.

Why have I not made a big deal about this well, I know that there are those of you out there that don’t like this from of recognition for one reason or other. I didn’t want to ‘upset the apple cart’.

But why should I or anyone hide from these moments of recognition?

Why shouldn’t we stand up and accept these moments not only for our own fantastic writing but for recognition of those that not only nominate but those that inspire and contribute to the very words we write.

And so without further ado I want to thank Tatterhood for the nomination of Blogger Recognition Award and Casss Bassa for the nomination of Mystery Blogger Award. This thank you is not just for their nominations but for the motivation to write this post.

I’m also gonna break some rules here in that I’m not gonna follow them. What I am gonna do is recognise those that have recognised my work and helped me to like my blog and what I write. Here’s to:

Raw Earth Ink – Mike’s Manic Word DepotThe Stories In Between

I Write HerParallaxWalt’s Writings

Also to Kristiana Reed who manages Free Verse Revolution as well as her own blog. After all she seems to like my work as she’s happy to post my monthly contributions on FVR.

Thank you one and all.

FYI, the creator of the Mystery Blogger Award.


19 thoughts on “Epiphany Rewarded… A Double Whammy

  1. pvcann says:

    what a great post, I love your transparent honesty and self reflection. Also, thank you for the compliment. But above all, keep turning out the work, its why we visit.

    Liked by 1 person

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