The Door Man

It was then I must have passed out.

I didn’t know how long I was out for but I woke suddenly feeling very bewildered, unsure of what had happened. Looking around the darkened room, I thought it was close to night.  A squinting glance told me it was still daylight, as the sun fought to shine through grubby windows.

Slowly moving, I got off the very dusty floor, stood there a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light trying to work things out. Then self-preservation kicked in. My senses quickly sharpened as the realisation of what had happened came rushing back to me. I was no longer in the pristine room I had passed out in.

I ran for the door and was just about to grab the knob when I remembered how cold it was. I tentatively tapped it several times to see how it felt. It was back to room temperature and not freezer cold.

I turned the knob but the door stayed shut. Panic came over me as I frantically turned and pulled at it. I looked up and realised the latch was off. I flipped the catch and the door immediately opened almost knocking me to the floor as I pulled it.

I bolted from the room, down the corridor and hurdled the stairs two and three at a time until I got to the lobby only to be stopped by a door man standing there.

“Hello Sir, can I help you”, he asked me.

“Not really”, I replied.

“Well before you go I have a message for you”.

“A message?”

At this point I’m doing all I can not to freak out and just barge past this guy but again curiosity held fast. I just hoped I wouldn’t end up like the cat.


To be concluded

Find out how the story begins.

Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

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