I just hoped I wouldn’t end up like the cat.

The guy at the door carried on with his conversation.

“Yes Sir, a message. From Violette”

“Violette? Who’s Violette”

“Violette is my Mistress, my Queen. Violette is the woman you seek”.

It was at this point that I no longer wanted to know how the cat died and made a grab for the door only for the man to step in front of it and me.

“You have taken her love away from me”, he scowled.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about” was my nervous reply.

“I served her…

Breaking News

We interrupt this post to bring you some breaking news:

Violette is to be turned into a short story! 

That’s right folks, I’m taking Violette and adding her to the book, or to be more precise an anthology of poetry and short stories, that I’ve been writing.

When I started this blog my thoughts were, and I’m paraphrasing, “Why not, why not me. Everyone else is doing it why can’t I?”. You may also remember (snigger) at the beginning  of this year I was toying with the idea of a ‘collection’ of poem’s put together with the intention of preping a manuscript.

Well it’s developed into something much bigger.

Now I know that my blog is relatively new with far less followers compared to others out there. I also know that my mood swings fluctuate quicker than a heart rate monitor after a marathan but that’s not the point.

The point for me is, writing has been realised. I’ve confirmed to myself, with the help and support of so many people that I can do this and people do seem to like what I write. After all, this isn’t something I just decided I’d try and do.

I’ve been doing ‘this’ for years but it took alot of courage to take that first step. The fear of embarrassment and lack of confidence, the worry of failure and not considering any success. Now though, now I get it, I’m enjoying it and I’m apart of it; it being this great community of writers, poets; artists!

Again I may have said this before, I know I’m not educated in the literary arts or have qualifications in Shakespeare and Dickens but that’s okay. I not expecting to be the next Pulitzer Prize winner or Poet Laureate, I just want to write. Write stories that, all being well, will be published for those of you out there prepared to read them.

My hope is to have an already started draft finished by the end of the year and get it looked at by one of those great Indie Publishers out there. Oh this blog, by the way, continues as normal-ish (he says sweating and chewing on his fingers).

So please, wish Violette good luck and continue to watch this space! I feel great things are about to happen.

If you want to see how it all began feel free to do so here.

Thank you!


Images from Pixabay

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