Breakfast at Jimmies

Saturday Breakfast at Jimmies

What a great place to eat

An American imitation

With Neil Diamond serenading

From the Jukebox lighting up the corner


A table for one she asks

An enthusiastic waitress

With coffee jug in hand

Shows me to a wooden booth

Of plush leatherette and gold effect studs


Sitting there turning the menu’s pages

Like so many others before me

My mouth begins to moisten

At the descriptions written on the page

And pictured delicacies dancing in my eyes


Just a lift of my head gives the signal

For the waitress in spritely form

To come over to where I sit

Hot coffee limb attached at the wrist

“What can I get you?”


Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Oh my

Mushrooms, hash browns and baked beans

A side of buttered toast and a cool orange juice

The waitress hangs in anticipation

Waiting to refill my coffee cup


Chef’s out back concocting culinary delights

In open hatched kitchen for all too see

No mistakes here just quality eats

The smell transcends any greasy spoon

A Full English beckons


And all the while black and white

Movie stars adorn the walls

Staring enviously at the banquet

Displayed in front of me

About to be devoured… Nice!


Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from Pixabay

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