Sunday Best: Stormclouds

FVR’s Sunday best. Some great verses for a Sunday afternoons read.


“I always whisper your name,

Which perfectly allies with mother nature’s lullaby.”

Manisha Chummun

Happy Sunday! This week saw September’s theme, Melancholy, come to fruition. The seasons are beginning to change and for many it is starting to get colder and darker. The writers I shared this week focused on the melancholy in depression, in missing people and in writer’s block. If you missed any, see below:

Tuesday – RL Pencil to Paper Series

Wednesday – Gelert

Thursday – Manisha Chummun

Friday – The Mush from the Hill

Saturday – Taylor Grace

September submissions are closed – thank you to every one who sent in work/is in the process of sending work having reserved a space.

The writing prompt this week was Stormclouds and I received a wealth of responses, so thank you to all who took part. I look forward to seeing what you make of tomorrow’s prompt. For…

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