Bust a Gut

You know those times when you get that itch you just can’t scratch or the earworm that just sings and sings and AAHHH! Well this is one of those times. This has been sitting, gathering virtual dust on my hard drive while gremlins mess with it in my head.

Do I finish it, do I bin it, do I have a tantrum and flick resistance bands at gym bunnies, well here’s the answer. I know it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of free verse but it’s off my chest.

So in tribute to a little hobby I used to have, here is:

Bust a Gut

You dedicate your life to this
Your time is now
In this moment
It’s down to you
Your team are on the side lines watching
They’ve done all they can
It’s time to succeed or bust a gut trying

Time slows down as you chalk your hands
Through habit or necessity, doesn’t matter
Straps on joints, Tape on fingers, you breathe
Stepping up to the bar
You assume the position
Tension runs through your body
Tendon, ligament and muscle screams

Your hands clamp cold metal
Olympic design approved
Your legs like coiled springs
Wound tight ready to release
Back tight, arms strong
You take a breath
And explode!

Hands Grip
Chest up
Legs push
Bar moves
Thigh high
Extend Hips
Bar lifts
Drop under
Catch strong
Stand up

You steady yourself
Another deep breath
Tension reapplied

Knees dip
Legs drive
Arms explode
Pushing hard
Past neck
Past Face
Drop under
Catch high
Over head
Bar held

You wait for the signal
Holding steady
Time slows again
While gravity punishes you
Don’t you give in!
Until that signal to…

It’s done and the bar is returned
To where gravity commands
Adrenaline surges through
Euphoric central nervous system
Fists thump atmospherically charged air
High Fives materialise from out of the blur
It’s done!


Copyright © JRFC October 2019
Image from Pixabay

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