Welcome to Hallowe’en Week!

I am so thrilled to be still here for a second All Hallow’s Eve.

This is Halloween Guys and Gals and this year I’ve been able to put together a whole seven goreous days (see what I did there) dedicated to this holiday.  Yes my Friends, a holiday, I have loved since the year dot and now I get to share another one with you Witches and Warlocks out there.

So what’s on for this fangtastic holiday (ahh the oldies are the goodies). Well I have my usual Special Guest Ghost and Movie Song Scream posts waiting to come out from under the bed. And of course yours truly has done his best to put down some spooktacular verses (I crack myself up), all written in fake theatrical blood of course.

I’ve also written my own spin on the seven deadly sins which means there will be two posts a day, yes TWO. Keep your eyes open as I don’t want them scaring you when they jump out of the shadows of your notifications cupboard.

Yes my fellow Ghosties and Ghoulies, I’m here all week (I’d run know if I was you mwahahaha).

So let’s get this Halloween Partay started shall we. Come and join in the fun if you like and wish every one a good time in the comments.

This is Hallowe’en

This is Hallowe’en my children of the Night

Ready for some fun or maybe a little fright

Come join the party why not bring a friend

After all it’s best to have company when you meet your end


Copyright © JRFC September 2019

Image from Pixabay

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