My Special Ghost tonight is…

Maurice Kilwein Guevara and A Rhyme for Hallowe’en

After bargaining with the Boatman he agreed to take me to the internet underworld for some Hallowe’en Trick O Treats, where upon I dug up this chilling little number.

It was written by the poet, playwright, and actor Maurice Kilwein Guevara who was born in Belencito, Colombia, and raised in Pittsburgh. A very learned man, earning a BA and a PhD in English, a BS in psychology and a Master of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University.

He is a founding member of the National Latino Writers’ Association and has taught at the University of Wisconsin and at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Now here’s a Guy educated in the arts and a great poet to boot if this verse is anything to go by.

So come from beneath the bed sheets and have a peek at this; if you dare…

A Rhyme for Hallowe’en

Tonight I light the candles of my eyes in the lee
And swing down this branch full of red leaves.
Yellow moon, skull and spine of the hare,
Arrow me to town on the neck of the air.

I hear the undertaker make love in the heather;
The candy maker, poor fellow, is under the weather.
Skunk, moose, raccoon, they go to the doors in threes
With a torch in their hands or pleas: “O, please . . .”

Baruch Spinoza and the butcher are drunk:
One is the tail and one is the trunk
Of a beast who dances in circles for beer
And doesn’t think twice to learn how to steer.

Our clock is blind, our clock is dumb.
Its hands are broken, its fingers numb.
No time for the martyr of our fair town
Who wasn’t a witch because she could drown.

Now the dogs of the cemetery are starting to bark
At the vision of her, bobbing up through the dark.
When she opens her mouth to gasp for air,
A moth flies out and lands in her hair.

The apples are thumping, winter is coming.
The lips of the pumpkin soon will be humming.
By the caw of the crow on the first of the year,
Something will die, something appear.

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