Happy Hallowe’en!

Oh how I love All Hallows Eve?

It’s one of my favourite nights

Watch for the witch’s overhead

They know how to give you frights


High above on their broomsticks

Flying among the clouds

Black cats sitting quietly behind them

Looking down at the trick-o-treat crowds


And hiding there in the shadows

The Bogey Man patiently waits

For the unsuspecting victim

Who screams as he levitates


While down in the dark of the forest

Dark Faeries, Goblins and the like

Come out and walk the forest trails

So you’d best not be out on a hike


Voodoo magic is being practised

Zombies are thirsting for you

So you’d better not be out to late

As body parts their happy to chew


If you hear the howl of a dog

That doesn’t sound quite right

It maybe the Wolf Man’s cry

Is there a full moon out tonight?


You must not forget this fright night

The tall dark stranger with a cape

Don’t invite him into your house

Because you might find it hard to escape


Oh what fun this night can be

As it wanders the streets alone

After all ghosts are hard to see

But you’ll hear their deathly groans


Maybe it’s best you stay indoors

And watch a scary movie instead

Unless there’s a demon in your house

Which means you’ll probably end up dead


Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

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