Therapeutic Ramblings…

img_0940Hey there Guys and Gals, I just wanted to start by saying thank you for all your visits, likes and comments over Halloween Week. I prepared for it early to be sure that I got it done and I think it was a big success.

It’s easy enough to say I just write because I like to do it but that’s not the whole truth. I write because there are those of you out there that like it as much as I do and that’s what’s important.

The other reason for this post is to let you all know that… Drum roll please BBRRRR

I have finished my manuscript. Yes, I have what I hope will soon to be my first published book.

This is the very idea that I mentioned way back at the beginning of the year. The same idea that has been seeded in the back of my mind for a very long time.

All I have to do know is be a brave little soldier and get it published. My hope is to have it ready by the next anniversary of my blog (January 2020) but don’t hold me to that. Afterall there is still the matter of finding someone who can draw me a cover, (hint hint).

I confess though, I’m really nervous about this situation. Maybe I should be as this is kind of a big deal… Isn’t it? It’s the usual gremlins, bashing my confidence telling me there’s no point, it won’t be good enough, no one will read it.

The thing is; how will I know if all these things are true if I don’t publish it. Okay so it may not be a blockbuster and sell a gazillion, trillion to the power of ten copies, I know that, I’m not that much up my own arse. So, what’s the big deal; it’s like my old Boss used to say… Oh fuck I’m not gonna put you through that again.

Suffice to say, it’s gonna get done, it’s gonna be published and you, you wonderful people, are gonna be the first to know about it.

“Of Magick, Myths and Monsters” by John RF Collins.

Catchy isn’t it… ?!?!

26 thoughts on “Therapeutic Ramblings…

  1. tara caribou says:

    Wait, whaaat?! How exciting. Shoot me an email with what you’re wanting for a book cover and maybe we can talk about it. Will you be doing ebook only or paperback as well? More details, I need more details!!

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  2. tara caribou says:

    Page count is a bit deceiving considering page size, font style and size, spacing, etc. A novelette is 7,500-17k word count while a novella is 17-40k. Novelettes are *pretty much* not done as it can so closely border a short story; many times the story is edited down to short story length and put into a collection, an anthology, or zine publication.

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