Therapeutic Rhyming

Me Three

Just a quick update for the lack of any post

Busy mulling over what next I’m gonna host


November as I said is quieter than the norm

Got lots on my mind; kicking up quite a storm


The ‘C’ word is coming; get you mind out of the gutter

I’m talking about Christmas, yes ‘that word’ I hear you mutter


Then my blogging anniversary comes straight after that

Time to think of a new theme, what’s the word… Stat!


And of course you know there’s the B.O.O.K

For which will be later I’m very sad to say


So this month will just have to pass us by

Cos time is short and I have to supply


A fantastic December and prep for the New Year

Apologies November, hope I’ve made myself clear


So as sporadic as the next few weeks may be

I’ll make it up to you all… You’ll see!


Laters Dudes and Dudettes XX!!

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