Almost Time…

Ladies and Gentlesurfers of the WWW… ITTTTTTTT’sss almost here and I’m raring to go. See what I did there, had you going for a moment, don’t deny it (chuckle).

Oh yes; Sunday sees the Advent Calendars go up and the Christmas sleep countdown begins. I have arranged a daily post, from Sunday, that I hope will put a festive sparkle img_0940in your eye. Now I say daily; I have arranged a post for every day, but at this time of year my head is spinning like a Waltzer Ride and I revert back to my very excitable childhood.

So don’t be too surprised to see any extra’s being squeezed in for seasonal good measure.

I’ve got Carols, I’ve got Jingles and of course there’s your’s truly’s attempts at making a Holly Jolly Christmas for you. So two more sleeps to the start of my bumper December.

I hope you enjoy and have a Merry, oh whats the word… CHRISTMAS!!!

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