My Special Christmas Guest tonight is…

Walter de la Mare and Mistletoe

Walter John de la Mare was British born in 1873 but of French descent. He was a poet, short story writer and novelist. He was also a write of ‘subtle’ psychological horror stories.

So why did I choose this one, self explanatory really; as well as being a beautiful yet mysterious verse, who doesn’t like a smooch under the Mistletoe eh!

Holly and Mistletoe; couldn’t be me more appropriate for this time of year. I remember my mother nipping into town to the Market and buying freshly cut sprigs that she’d tie into little bunches and hang over the front door and decorate the house.

Ahh good times; by the way… 20 sleeps till Christmas.


Sitting under the mistletoe

(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),

One last candle burning low,

All the sleepy dancers gone,

Just one candle burning on,

Shadows lurking everywhere:

Some one came, and kissed me there.


Tired I was; my head would go

Nodding under the mistletoe

(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),

No footsteps came, no voice, but only,

Just as I sat there, sleepy, lonely,

Stooped in the still and shadowy air

Lips unseen—and kissed me there.

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