My Special Christmas Guest tonight is…

15 Sleeps till Christmas

Timothy Tocher and Help Wanted

I confess I have no idea who this gentleman is other than he’s a writer of fiction and non fiction and has written poetry for both kids and adults alike.

This poem, however I had to post cause it is brilliant, funny, colourful; heck I just love it. Thank you Mr Tocker and Merry Christmas to you!

Help Wanted

Santa needs new reindeer.
The first bunch has grown old.
Dasher has arthritis;
Comet hates the cold.
Prancer’s sick of staring
at Dancer’s big behind.
Cupid married Blitzen
and Donder lost his mind.
Dancer’s mad at Vixen
for stepping on his toes.
Vixen’s being thrown out—
she laughed at Rudolph’s nose.
If you are a reindeer
we hope you will apply.
There is just one tricky part:
You must know how to fly.


Timothy Tocher, “Help Wanted” from Kids Pick the Funniest Poems. Copyright © 1991 by Timothy Tocher.

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