Christmas Song’s from the Movies

6 Sleeps till Christmas

Now this movie for me is the ‘Ultimate Don’ts and Don’ts Christmas Survival Guide’ and high up in my Christmas movie collection, and boy what a movie it is.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation; Wacky, Annoying, Frustrating and oh so FUNNY!!!

Poor Griswmmmm (it’s Griswald Mr Shirley) just wants the perfect Christmas and why shouldn’t he I say. Then again I see so much of him in me it’s quite scary.

The theme, written specially for the movie, was by the husband-and-wife songwriting team Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and performed by Mavis Staples from the Staple Singers.


Christmas Vacation

CVIt’s that time, Christmas time is hereVinyl
Everybody knows there’s not a better time of year
Hear that sleigh, Santa’s on his way
Hip, Hip Hooray, for Christmas Vacation

Gotta a ton of stuff to celebrate
Now it’s getting closer I can’t wait
Gonna make this holiday as perfect as can be
Just wait and see this Christmas Vacation

This old house, sure is looking good
Got ourselves the finest snowman in the neighborhood
Ain’t it fun, always on the run
That’s how its done on Christmas Vacation

Lets all deck the halls and light the lights
Get a toasty fire buring bright
Give St Nick the warmest welcome that he’s every had
We’re so glad it Christmas Vacation

And when the nights are peacful and serene
We can cuddle up and do our Chirstmas dreaming


Christmas Vacation (repeat)

We’re so glad it’s Christmas Vacation

Peace and joy and love are everywere
You can feel the magic in the air
Let the spirit of the season carry us away
Hip, Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation

Fa-la-la-la-la and ho ho ho
Jingle, jangle, jingle as we go
Let the spirit of the season… (fade


Here’s a very festive little reworking of the Christmas Vacation VT.

The Mush claims no credit for the images featured in this post

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