Scrooge and ‘the Ghost’

2 sleeps till Christmas

All went silent. The anticipation of what might happen next was thick in the air and Scrooge just sat, frozen to his arm chair. His heart pounded in his chest, sweat run down the side of his temples and he was very afraid. Suddenly the atmosphere was cut by the sound of scraping on the floor boards outside his locked bedroom.

The door handle moved with deliberation as someone or something tried urgently to come into the room; to no avail. It stopped but it was no less a gut wrenching gesture as to frighten Scrooge to the brink of…

It was then that Scrooge saw the silvery grey hand pass through the door where the handle was. The arm followed and slowly the apparition became visible and floated toward him. Scrooge could hardly breath, his chest now pained him, and his vision began to blur.

“I’ve come for you Ebenezer Scrooge” the ghost said with determination.

“Who are you”

“That question is irrelevant, for I am here to collect your blackened soul”

“Marley is that you”

“Marley is dead. Dead from all his ill-gotten gains. His lying, his cheating and now it’s time for you to join him”

Scrooge didn’t want to believe and even when he attempted to get away from this nightmare he found himself paralysed by terror.

“Do not try to leave Scrooge”, continued the ghost “For your time is up and I have come to collect”.

With that the ghost raised his hand toward Scrooge and slowly clenched his fist. Scrooges chest suddenly went tight. Struggling to breath he felt a pain run down his left arm. His vision blurred worse than before and he slumped; lifeless, back into the warm comfortable chair he was sitting on.

It was the last pleasure he ever knew.


Copyright © JRFC December 2019
Image from Pixabay

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