… And so it begins!

Good evening to you my WWW Companions.

It’s day one of chapter January in this the year of our Lady and Lord 2020 and a slightly later post than was hoped for… Sorry.

My second year of blogging is almost up and I start year three in a few days. I confess I do sometimes struggle with the term ‘blogging’. Is that what I actually do? I provide no advice or assistance to useful things on how to do this, that or the next thing.

I just write in the hope I am entertaining you as readers and followers of what I publish. In doing so I may draw a tear, I certainly hope to create a smile or even raise a chuckle or three. Most of all though, in creating these feelings for you I too (selfishly) am able to create these feeling in me.

Your entertainment is my therapy and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Last year was a tale of two half’s. I had my fair share of troubles no more or less than most but it always feels worse when the mood is low. Somewhere in the latter half of the year I start to finally recognise my circumstances and open up to my feelings.

I was able to see and recognise me… For me!

And so to this New Year; for me, it doesn’t matter what has pasted and I’m gonna try not to be afraid of what might happen. I just want to think about and live in this moment with a smile on my face.

I need to, want to; nay going to dedicate more time to the things I like, family, hobbies writing. I know I need to look after myself a little better, physically. I gonna try to worry less and smile a bit more and enjoy the rest of the life that I have.

And I would love for you Guys and Gals to come with me on my journey.

Let’s do this…


Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay

15 thoughts on “… And so it begins!

  1. hitandrun1964 says:

    I think blogging means whatever we want it to mean. So each of us may have a different definition of the word but it doesn’t matter because all of us just play and chat and do things we want to do. Works for me. 🙂 People who like what someone does, stick around or drop in, those who don’t go away. We are a community of pretty much like-minded people who dance together in print. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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