Welcome one and all!

Welcome; welcome.

Well what do you think, I do like to change it up as only I know how and this is about as techy as I know how.

Today is my 2nd Anniversary and this is my new theme to start 2020. I’ve decided this year will be a lot cleaner and clearer, I’m going for a less is more look; quality over quantity.

I have also listened to some views over the last year and I confess there have been some good idea’s. Idea’s like adding sound and video to give the site a bit more of a dynamic look. So I’ve been doing some research, some experimenting and I may just try and include those little additions.

Of course, I can’t deny that I’m still a bit old school and the idea of being all 21st Century does make me feel a little intimidated. So bear with me and I’ll see what I can do. With that in mind though, whatever I do end up trying will probably be on the simplistic (and legal) side.

As for content, well it’s more of the same but I’ve had some new idea’s for a couple of extra post themes. One of which I really wanted to do last year but I felt I was too much of a newbie.

This year however, with my confidence feeling a little more sprightly I want to pay homage to those blogs that have, for many reasons, made me smile. So along with any reblogs that take my fancy I’m paying it forward by featuring a new monthly spot, on a similar vein to my Special Guest post for those people that have a special meaning to me.

If I could hold you attention for just one last thing. I have a lot on my mind for this year, lots to do and I’ve got to find the time to do it. I won’t be posting every day as I have done over Christmas. For me that was a special occasion, as was Halloween week, that is very close to my heart and deserved the time and effort.

For the first part of this year though, I want to get back to a steady pace until I settle into my stride. After all, for me it’s about the whole package, reading your wonderful blogs, writing quality work for you to enjoy and staying health to be able to do it.

So that’s it, nothing more for me to say than: I’m the Mush from the Hill and it’s time to Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

14 thoughts on “Welcome one and all!

  1. Halbarbera says:

    Well …… maybe ugh not ……

    Cawl is a Welsh dish. In modern Welsh language, the word is used to refer to any soup or broth. In English language, it is used to refer to a traditional Welsh soup, usually referred to as cawl Cymreig in Welsh.

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