Story Teller

I’m starting the year as I mean to go on

With a spring in my step, a laugh and a song


I’ll utter no more of sorrow and pain

My sour feelings; I want to refrain


I’ll put aside my selfish thoughts

My down and out’s, my cold spots


I want to tell you of wondrous things

Of dragons, unicorns and faeries wings


I want to talk about that chill down your spine

Of ghosties and ghoulies and all things malign


We’ll travel together through fantastic tales

As heroes or villains over mountains and dales


We’ll go to place’s with colour and light

We’ll fight through the dark with all our might


We’ll swim and dive in deep oceans of blue

And fly through the universe just me and you


So come; join me I’m going this way

Best stay close though, you won’t want to stray



Copyright © JRFC January 2020
Image from Pinterest

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