What a lovely poem over on Blind Wilderness, I think we should all take a moment to step back, breath and appreciate.

An old poem of mine, but I still feel its sentiments!  When I wrote it, I was thinking of  a path on the hill above a river near to where I live.  It is a very beautiful path that I used to love to walk.  Now that I an blind and in a wheelchaur, I often think of this path, and think of how we must savour each moment in our lives, for each moment passes.  I cannot walk this path now, but I can savour the memory of it, and hold it in my heart

Come with me today, feel the freshening breeze,
Walking on the hill, above the river,
Remember now, this moment only seize
For soon it may be gone, it’s not forever
I know this far to well, but now I live
In the present moment, feel its glory
All that we have is this bright…

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