My Special Guest tonight is…

Isaac McLellan and From the Haunted Wood

This is a great piece from the American author and poet.

McLellan was born in 1806 in Portland, Maine. The same home town of his lifelongIsaacMcLellan friends, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Parker Willis.

Very much the sports man, adopting the gun and fishing rod as his weapons of choice, many of his later poems, are about the larger game of Africa and Europe. They very much comprise a valuable fund of sporting lore.

They were brought together and published as Poems of the Rod and Gun; or, Sports by Flood and Field in 1886, a publication compared to other kindred English works

For this poem though McLellan must have dug deep into some other interest or past time as the theme is a whole lot creeper than a fishing rod.

I hope you enjoy!


It is said that the Spirits of buried men
Oft come to this wicked world again;
That the churchyard turf is often trod
By the unlaid tenants of tomb and sod.
That the midnight sea itself is swept
By those who have long beneath it slept.
And they say of this old, mossy wood
Whose hoary trunks have for ages stood
That every knoll and dim-lit glade
Is haunted at night by its restless Shade.

Coincidently (honest), one of our fellow bloggers has recently written a creepy tale about a creepy wood; well actually its a park but you’ll see where I’m coming from. Why not go check it out over at Rethinking Life.

Featured image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC.
Image of Poet from Wikipedia

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