Poets Portraits

My Poets Portrait this month is probably known by most, and so she should be. A great writer now turning her hand to publishing. She has her own book in print and a couple of anthologies that she has pulled together, helping and supporting other contributing writers.

I’ve known Tara Caribou over on Raw Earth Ink now for as long as I’ve had a blog. She supported my through my early months, she’s an inspirational powerful writer and I’ve had the privilege of writing a couple of poems with her.

The poem I’ve chosen to post is again one that inspired and gave me the idea to write my own piece. That last but one line; “Tonight you die” could mean any number of things, was the hook that set my imagination off in a rather sinister direction.

I’d like to wish Tara the very best for her continued adventure and thank her for being one of my friendly strangers.

Tarot (meet me at the carnival pt 1)

Purple and black-striped canvas tent

Worn on the edges, patches here and there

Outside smells like dog piss

But inside it smells like incense

And the thighs of a curvy woman

There are crystals and magic 8

An indifferent dark cat curled on a shelf

Sounds of nature intermixed with the didgeridoo

Her nails are trim, painted deep purple

A religious symbol for her

Each and every trinket and it’s placement

Her eye, squinting, looking within

Sees until you squirm

“Tonight you die” could mean any number of things

Fortunes for the unfortunate


Should you want to check out the poem I wrote, inspired by this wonderful piece you can see it here.


Copyright © Tara Caribou October 2018
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

13 thoughts on “Poets Portraits

  1. tara caribou says:

    ohmygosh JC!!! I’m humbled that you would honor me so!! I was actually going to repost one of our collaborations in the next couple of days because I’ve been thinking about you. awwww I’m just speechless with your kindness to me.

    Liked by 2 people

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