A Lovely Gesture

I’ve been recently reminded of a poem I wrote back in 2018 and under my current circumstances (Indie Author, has a nice ring to it) I thought I’d repost it.

It’s funny looking back at old stuff. When I re-read this and the comments, I couldn’t quite believe it was my work. One of my bad habits is when I write something I move on very quickly to the next piece. What’s done is done, so for my work to be remembered by another in the community is very humbling.

This too is another reason why I wanted to repost this one. Thank you Susi over on I Write Her for the reminder. It’s very much appreciated.

Construct of a Poem

Just sitting, waiting

For mental spaghetti

To spill onto the page

I just let me fingers hover

Then tap the keys

Waiting for some sense

To appear like a cheap magic trick

For the cheer

As the rabbit is pulled from the hat

Letting my unconscious know

It’s ready to applaud

Ready for the big bang


Finish off with a picture that says

A thousand words

Increasing text

While adding context to the story

A flurry of colour

That lights the page

And draws you in


And there it is

Ready for the reveal

Unveil to those who would read it

Done and done


Copyright Β© JRFC from October 2018
Image from Pinterest, modified by JRFC


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