Covid Cut Him Up

It all began on a normal day

Tuesday 17th March

It’s confirmed; Stay home

Stay home, stay safe and save lives


Freedom ended the day after

But life had to go on

Those that could did

Those that couldn’t struggled


For Him, the lucky few, He could

But at what cost, normality lost

Now his home a place of work

The very work that sustains Him


Work and Home; separate entities

And never the twain shall meet

His sanctuary of emotional state

Gone and He had nowhere to go


His only slovenly reprieve

Sitting; watching the box

After box; after box

Hiding away was easy for Him


Slipping backwards, the Hermit

Celebrated his celibacy in silence

Completely lost; void of imagination

Yet inside rampant, caged emotion


This was not Him!

He never wanted to go back to that

He promised himself he wouldn’t

But promises mean nothing to the enemy


The Invisible Enemy who doesn’t take prisoners

It Comes; It Invades: It Conquers

Every molecule of living flesh

And other diseases laughed at their incapacities


All he could do was watch

Watch as the world fell

His motley state of mind

Paralysed and delusional


Would the nightmare never end…


Copyright © JRFC May 2020
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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