Hello and welcome to my Bookshelf.

This is where you can find out about the books I’ve written and how to purchase them if you so wish to do. I’ll also be letting you know of any new books in progress and their release dates.

All books are available in both eBook and Paperback format.

Of Magick, Myths and Monsters – An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories


Follow your white rabbit and discover modern day fairy tales, the legends of misty yesteryear and nightmares of the macabre. It is your imagination after all, let it loose and trust the book to be your guide. This collection of supernatural poetry and short stories will take you inside the mind of a monster. A vampire will take you on his evening hunt. You may even make an unexpected pact with the devil, but all is not lost. From out of the dark comes the light, Kings will be made, true love will be found, and you will never underestimate a garden Gnome again. Of Magick, Myths and Monsters; a book to satisfy both the Angel and Devil on your shoulders.

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Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC