The Devil’s Mockery

You want to dance with the devil; I see

Find out all the bad things he can be

Have you considered this carefully?

Then make your choice but choose wisely!


Wouldst thou place thy handeth on his own chest

Only blacken’d heart lies neath those ribs

Of scorched bone

While vile stench doth reek

From the pores of his own diseas’d flesh





A visual


A message

A Picture

That can speak a thousand words of the atrocities

And outrageous brutalities he’s bared witness to

Partaken in





A whisper in your ear

Of the secrets that have been seen

Secrets you don’t want others to know

Sshhh, don’t worry he won’t tell

For a drop of blood on parchment


Are screaming words enough

For him to get into your mind

Like maggots on rotten meat

Burrowing, feeding on your fear

Turning your subconscious against you

Toward him


Have you made your choice yet? No?

Well never mind

After all it’s too late now

I’m quite fond of you

And you should know

You can’t bargain with the devil


I think I’ll stick around

Oh I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself

I’m going to take good care of you…


Copyright © JRFC July 2019
Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay

Purple Flowers

The door opened.

I push it, slowly, as I tried to peer around it. The smell was much stronger now. Its flowery aroma danced around my head, penetrating my nose, almost pulling me into the apartment. Flowery yes, purple flowers; lavender I think?

I slowly moved down the hall only to get halfway when I heard the door close behind me. I stopped and looked back to see a woman in a very provocative dress and tight leggings. A vine wrapped around her arm and dark, glittery makeup accentuating her eyes, her deep purple eyes. The shade of purple matched perfectly, the colour on her nails and the low-lights in her hair.

Purple; fragrance? The puzzle, like a fog in my mind, began to lift. The colour purple, the fragrance, the flowers and her eyes but who was she.

Suddenly, I came to me senses. Where did she come from, how did she get passed me? I did a double take as I looked into the hallway and then back to the door, twice, only to see she had vanished. A cold shiver run down my spine as my skin became clammy with fear.

To my better judgement I continued into the apartment where I was astonished to see how clean it was; empty but absolutely spotless. It gave me the impression that the tenant had moved out that very day. Again my senses were struggling to work out what I was seeing. A spotlessly clean apartment, on the top floor, of a derelict building.

Then I saw it, in the same way as the woman appeared. In the middle of the floor there stood an old Gothic table, with a single china tea cup and saucer, steam curling upwards from within.

It was then I must have passed out.


To be continued…

Find out how the story begins.

Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Watching Clouds

Watching clouds as they go by

Spirits dancing in the sky

Painting patterns as they fly

Sylphs prancing way up high


Like candy floss and cotton balls

The fluffy white of a fresh snowfall

All shapes and sizes, big and small

Across the heavens they gently sprawl


I see the pictures that they make

Photo’s in my mind I take

All are real none are fake

Like a single snowflake


If you look closely you too can see

Their powdery white enormity

A ceiling of celestial beauty

Believe and let your mind go free


Copyright © JRFC June 2019

Image by tomwieden from Pixabay

Spirit of the Sea

I didn’t believe it at first

Was it the state of my mind?

A trick of the light

The miracle I needed

There it was… There she was


I sat on the shore line

Wrapped in my own melancholy

The blustery salty air

Filled my senses

While sea spray hid my tears


The cold tide lapped at my tired feet

As larger waves crashed on craggy outcrops

And there she was, just there

A white shadow on the edge of my periphery

A translucent rainbow balancing on the tide


Her beauty was beyond nature

Flowing silver hair that rippled like water in the breeze

Eyes of blue, sparkling like bright aquamarine

And her complexion; iridescent like milky opals

I was fixated, hypnotised, obsessed


And as I fell more and more under her spell

She called to me, ‘Come, come to me, do not fear’

Her lips didn’t utter a word but I could hear.

‘Come, let go of yourself and join me for a while’

‘But I will drown’ was my primitive verbal reply


‘Come, trust in me and all will be well’


Copyright © JRFC June 2019
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay