There She Was

I saw her today

Like nothing had changed

There she was

The blast from my past

Oh flutter my butterflies

But she’s oblivious to my eyes

Should I call out her name?

Would she remember mine?

It’s been a long time since our infatuation

So young then, so much older now

Best kept in the good ole annals of time

At the bottom of Memory Lane


Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image by suju from Pixabay

His Eulogy

This came from the morning after a panic attack on the night of a bad day.

His Eulogy

After a life of blatant narcissism, thankfully he passed away when he took his own self-obsessed life. He leaves behind his relieved wife after a long suffering marriage and two children: each having differing perspectives about their relationship or lack thereof of their promise breaking, over powering, fat bastard of a father.

He hasn’t left behind a big family, only his Mother, Sister and Nephew. Thankfully for them, of course, they never saw him very much. He always declared to be there, they were lucky to get a phone call once in a while. Oops sorry, that should say, they tried phoning him to only get his ‘humorous’ message service; so he thought. The rest of his family are now either dead or forgotten.

He too is quickly forgotten by friends who were sick and tired of his arrogance, self-pity and false promises. He let them down so many times that they couldn’t be bothered to turn up today to his funeral. After all, he made so many excuses to why he couldn’t see them, why would anyone expect them to come along. Unfortunately they will be missing out on a free bar later to celebrate, I mean,  commiserate his passing.

I’ve been asked not to mention his employers; they’ve already moved on and replaced his fat whinging ass.

My last thought of him; what a Twat. No wonder he didn’t pass his exams at school, he couldn’t even spell the word Mosh right.

Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image from Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

She’s Turned 18

I still remember her birth

A blood soaked missile

The shock of it shook us all

But there she was

Ready to take on the world


No messing with this girl.

She was ready

For any which way

Life would present

Itself to her


Now she’s turned 18

And she’s brands and tattoos

Piercings and low lights

My baby dyke

In a blink all grown up


Still up to her wily ways

Wraps me round her little finger

With that look; that smile

That melt’s my heart and soul

Into blissful submission


I wouldn’t have her any other way


Copyright © JRFC April 2019