To New Beginnings

This is it, my first post of this, my second year of blogging, nay… Writing.

I must confess though that this was first blogged over on Free Verse Revolution. I’ve been lucky to have a great relationship with them and hope to continue in this New Year. Although I normally reblog from FVR on this one occasion I wanted to post this one as my first new poem.

So you lovely lovely people:

To New Beginnings

To new beginnings

Taking the first step and how

With spirits flying

Higher than the clouds dancing

Across periwinkle skies


To new beginnings

A fresh start for the poets

Heart to open the

Next chapter in his book of

Nightmares and dreamscapes for you


To new beginnings

With paper and pen I let

The magic happen

Words will appear and watch

How the story buds and grows


To new beginnings

A Poet’s soul energised

And I wander on

My merry way, step by step

With an open hand to shake


So new beginnings

I raise a glass and toast you

Toast your idea

To hope and prosperous change

A New Year, new beginnings

Copyright © JRFC January 2019
Image from Pixabay

Out With the Old… In With the New

Welcome; welcome my blogging Chums, whadda you think? Liking it? I do. A redecorated blog for the New Year and I got it up and running for my 1st year anniversary.

Not bad for someone who’s not very tech savvy eh.

So how about a blog warming party, WhooHoo!! Yeah come on in and mingle, let’s get to know each other. Add you’re blog name in the comments and get this party started. No profanities though Peeps, I can cope with a bit of bad language but lets be nice with each other.

For me this year it’s very much of the same thing. I’ve been lucky to have posted every day for the past few weeks. I’ve been able to do that because it hasn’t all been my work. This year I’d like to try and provide a bit more quality to my blog. I’ll keep up with my guest posts; after all they’ve been very successful. I’m real glad you’ve liked them.

For my work, I want to spend a little extra time writing. To help me with that and work around ‘life’ I’m going back to posting every few days. I’d rather give you quality reading over quantity product, so I hope you’ll understand and stick around. I so love your company and joining in with your comments.

This reminds me, if my lack of interaction has been noticed, I apologise. This last week or so I’ve been enjoying some time off and trying to get my blog sorted. But I’m back so let’s get all arty farty and inspired together.

Also a quick BTW, I’m thinking of pulling together a, um… collection of poems; unpublished poems. I’m not gonna call it a book, more like a possible manuscript but I’m more than happy to take any advice you may have. Of course any editors or authors out there that happen to read this don’t forget I’m the Mush from the Hill.



Inspired by the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ this was published back in February 2018.

Memories of a Childhood Dream

Light Sabre

As the old man walks

It begins to rain

Lifting his hood

Memories entertain


He’s sent right back

To his childhood days

And a Jedi Knight

With mystical ways


Walking stick in hand

Not in his mind’s eye

A flash of Purple

As it lifts to the sky


But the rain soon passes

The sun comes out

He pulls off his hood

And without a doubt


He’s just the old man

Walking stick in hand

But remembers fondly

That wonderland


Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay

One of My Clouded Moments

With a bit of luck I won’t have too many of these moments this year but if it does get out of the cage, as it inevitably will, I can hopefully cope with it better. Published back in July this is:

Broken Mind


Staring at the letters on the page

What do they mean to me?

All I see is a language unknown

Don’t make a blind bit of difference

To how I feel

Brain freeze: Word Blindness: Numbing Ache

I can’t get a break

From my blank moments

Comatose for hours

Coming around seconds later

Glazed, feeling hung over

Bound to a broken mind

I can’t find an answer

Maybe it’s time to just stop and

Give in.

Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay

One Room, One Light

This grizzly little number was posted in July last year and was the result of a bloggers challenge.

One Room, One Light

What’s going on in the middle of the night?

That one room with that one light


What’s going on in the middle of the day?

The room with the light that never goes away


Remember, curiosity can be a killer

Your mind may boil, your body may blister


You know what happened to the cat?

It didn’t end well I’ll tell you that


The horrific sight, a man and his wife

Both clinging on for dear life


Playing a game they thought was safe

Then lightening balls began to strafe


The portal opened, a very large hole

A demons hand to take a soul


Their bodies were left all shrivelled and white

Just lying their having died of fright


Okay I confess, it’s a story I heard

And agree its rubbish, completely absurd


But that one room;

With that one light;

Continues to shine;

All day and all night


Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC