Hen Abertawe Da (Good Ole Swansea) – The Mush from the Hill

This one was first published on Free Verse Revolution as part of the February theme ‘Home’ and luckily before I got all grumpy 😂. I hope you enjoy.


Old craggy rocks sit on sandy beaches

With dirt tracks trudged and shaped over time

Or steps of symmetrical concrete provide easy access

Leading up to hills and cliff tops of grass and wild flowers

Surrounding a city, famously named after a raiding Viking King

Or so legend says

There’s a football team, a rugby team

And a marching band with pressed uniforms

Tall hat’s and polished kazoo’s for every occasion

Marching through the streets, as proud as punch and some

Lead by a long silver, orb ended, stick for twirling and throwing

Mind your heads

And on a night of a full moon

When Lady Luna’s at her brightest

The bay reflects her cold light, an icy glow

Cast over a mill pond you could almost skate on

And the lighthouse, shining its beacon for far and wide    

Keep mariners safe

This is my city, my place of…

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A Celtic Warrior – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

What a great verse; I just had to reblog. Nice one Walt 👍🏻

Walt's Writings

Inside me
Lives the Spirit of a Celtic Warrior
A Highlander
Killed in the Battle of Culloden
April 16, 1746
I am the keeper of the Gaelic culture
Carrying on the Highland Ways
Fighting for what is right and good
I am from the clans
From fire and forge
As sharp as the blade of my sword
Protecting those who cannot protect themselves
I ride the winds of time
I sail the seas of broken dreams
I am the finder of lost prayers
I have died many times
But I always return
For this is who I am
A writer
A poet
A Celtic Warrior

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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The Creed – Archangel White Wolf

Okay, before you get on your high horses, I’ve had permission to do this by Archangel; who I have to say I love… His blog, I love his blog: Phew!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually reblog his page so big emphasis on:

  • I did have permission
  • I did not write this

I must admit though, I’m kinda glad I couldn’t reblog as it gives me the opportunity to really big up this writer. Light bulb moment ‘Bloggers as Special Guests’ hmmm??

Yes, Archangel White Wolf; go check out his blog. Brilliant verses, brilliant rhyme, great imagery. This piece was of particular interest to me because of it’s theme. I love the fantasy genre, among other things, and I really love the Assassins story.

So without further… Okay shutting up

The Creed by Archangel White Wolf


We’ve worked in secret

Both near and far

We cannot reveal

Just who we are

We’re your friends

Family and lovers

It’s true

We do this because

Of our love for you

Where others cannot

We stand and fight

For we work in the dark

To serve the light


🐺Archangel White Wolf 🐺 (Robbie) ©

Never Lose Hope – The Mush From The Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution for their December theme Hope.

I hope you enjoy; see what I did there. I crack myself up 😁



There’s no better time than now

When the world is so fraught

With hurt, pain and sadness

T’is the season to be jolly

Open your hearts, your souls

To the wonder that Christmas brings


Peace on earth and good will to all

Doesn’t that sound so much more than

“Get out of my face you bum and get a job”

Better than

“You’re just weighing me down I don’t need you”

Love thy Neighbour


There’s no cliché in Christmas

So don’t look for it

Celebrate the hope and the joy it brings

For it can endure

Be the hand that reaches out

As the light of a single candle reaches through the dark


Be joy; be love, be hope!

Not just Christmas Day but everyday

Let the Yuletide Spirit fill you

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We come in all Guises – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution as part of their November ‘s Theme – Desire. Hope you enjoy.



She couldn’t help herself
Trophy after Trophy
Damn she was good
So determined, so adaptable
Rumour has it
Her record time was six minutes
Messy but oh the reward
How does she do it?
I heard she started young
Small challenges at first
Getting bigger as she grew
Now a master of her practice
In, out and no-one knows
She was there or how she does it
They never see her coming
She still hasn’t been caught!
Her latest; what a triumph
You must have read about it?
A man in the woods
Not much left after the wildlife got to him
But she got her trophy
Even took the dogs
And its collar as a bonus

Real desire that is
What a professional
What a Femme Fatale

Copyright © JRFC October 2018

John is a Welsh poet from South Wales. He gets inspiration from many of life’s moments with a…

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