Haiku Challenge…

I do love writing Haiku or at least writing three lines with 5 and 7 and 5 syllables in each line.

So while I’m catching up with my fellow blogging buddies I came across this friendly challenge. Susi over on I Write Her sets a weekly Haiku Challenge with the winners getting some free publicity on her Blog.

The challenge this week is to write a verse interpreting what you see in the picture.

How could I refuse; I hope you enjoy.


Library  Intellectual Beauty

Don’t judge the cover
Intellectual Beauty
Hiding in plain sight


Camera’s Delight

She knows how to tease
The camera lens bites down
On sultry picture


Copyright © JRFC July 2019
Image by Bill Wadman


In celebration of my wife’s 50th Birthday.


We came together

Raging hormones flying high

Fun lusting youngsters


We learned together

Hearts entwined by clumsy grip

Climbing like ivy


We fought together

Cursed words of hatred and pain

Crowded space, no air


We stayed together

Promises of chance and luck

Wrapped up in hope’s sash


We love together

Spiritual countenance

Life’s binding contract


We cry together

Tears of pain and of joy

Ending in rainbows


Soul mates forever

Sewn together by life’s thread

Real loves tapestry


Copyright © JRFC June 2019 
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay