Remember It was all patriotic For King and country Ringing in their ears They were prepared Until the day came and the rains fell, mud caked, cold bit and the gas choked  Whistles blew for them to climb, breach the trench walls and blood began to flow As they felt the thousands of metal shards speeding by, slicing, piercing; killing …

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how brilliant Mr Ryan is but… I’m gonna. He’s Brill, so much so that when I read this my first thought was EAP and The Raven. So with Marks permission check it out !!!

Havoc and Consequence

There, can you hear it?
A relentless tapping.
Incessant as the dark which captures the night.
It comes and never leaves. Beating out the marrow of my bones.
Do not shake your head in disbelief, it’s a nightmare for which I seek relief.
Hello, it’s me here the fluttering reminder?
You inside me, what is that sound.
It’s breaking my will and senses down.
I’m the little bird that was on your windowpane.
I came inside when you opened that vein.

And now you tap inside my skull all day?
I’m here yes, and happy to say;
better me than the moths and ghosts.
Who’d nibble at your heart like toast.
If I move to the light, will you follow?
I told you once, your head is not hollow; you know that I am here to stay.
For how long?
Well, I couldn’t say.
I hope my fluttering would lodge…

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Free Thought Thursday: Wicked

This could be interesting !! Go on have a try.



It’s Free Thought Thursday and the prompt is WICKED.

This is the last prompt for October’s theme FEAR. On Monday we will be announcing November’s theme.

Link to your response in the comments below.
Feel free to share the prompt too.
On Saturday we will post our top three.

We look forward to reading your responses.

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Sunday Best: Haunted

Check out these bad boys (and girl, titter) !!


Our Free Thought Thursday writing prompt this week was Haunted. Every week we will share the top three responses to our prompt; taken from WordPress and Facebook.  Enjoy!


Haunted – The Mush from the Hill

Haunted by her gaze
As blood dripped from a fanged smile
He was lost to her

Haunted – Nicholas Gagnier

NG Haunted

Empty Halls – Kristiana Reed

KR Haunted

Look out for next Thursday’s writing prompt and we hope you join in.

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Boogeyman – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press.


monster-426996_1920He haunts my dreams

Without warning he’s there!

I’m all alone

I know this place

But obscurity blurs my vision

Along with the damp, foggy night

I walk toward an old roundabout

It’s on the edge of a field

Just a small play area

I remember

It’s part of a childhood

Where friends played

On innocent afternoons

With bicycles parked on the hard concrete

But it’s cold and wet

Lamp light struggles in the gloom  

And I look as it begins to turn

I’m afraid

It’s him, he’s coming

It’s him, he’s nearby

It’s him, he’s so close

It’s Him.

An ominous shadow

Bulking, menacing

Eerily shimmering in the dark light

And I freeze in the sound of his voice

He bawls incomprehensively

A noise that sends terror

Through my being, in fear

Of his next action

That never comes

Just the noise and the threat

I want to…

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