My Collections

I mentioned in one of my posts that I have had moments when the idea of wanting to write and publish a story was very compelling and that the time and effort it would need is something that I can’t practically give.

Now that I’ve started publishing my poetry and having published my first collection, Life is a Rock Opera, I’ve posted this page to make my collections more accessible to you, the reader (I hope).

With several idea’s in my head for other collections. I hope you’ll add this to your favourites and call back from time to time to read my work.

Life is a Rock Opera

An Ode to the Boys



Larry Long

Piano Dan

Who’d have guessed; well here’s to the next…

A Dark State of Mind

A Dark State of Mind

The Revelation

The Journey by Day

The Journey by Night

Madness can wait for the Dark State of Mind

The Jekyll and Hyde in Me

The Jekyll in Me

The Hyde in Me