My likeable links

As part of my old web work, the need and importance to have both internal and external links was engrained in my editorial psyche. I’m not gonna bang on about the whys and wherefores suffice to say old habits die hard (and so does John McClain… Ouch!).

I’ve decided to add this page, not so much as a useful links page but more out of a respect for the people who have helped to put a big smile on my face. Not an easy thing to do. I hope you like.

The woman who told me I could:

Unleash Your Writing Power – Judi Goodwin

The first time I entered a competition:

The Poetry Society

The couple that shared my interest in the beauty and art of jewellery:

Flux ‘n’ Flame

The saga that first light my imagination and continues to do so:

Star Wars

The artists that bring fantasy to life:

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

What I like to call the ‘Weird and Wonderful’:

Salvador Dali

The Daddy of Welsh poetry:

Dylan Thomas

Where I get my movie news: