Rushing Headlong – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution (FVR) Publishing.

FVR Publishing

writer-1421099_1280I thought I didn’t want fame and glory

But jealousy is kicking in

I’m ashamed to admit

Feeling stuck in a pit

I want more than just a fling


I see all the good writers out there

I thought I could be one

But I look inside

And I can’t hide

From the person that’s come undone


I only ever wanted

To stand amongst the crowd

To feel apart

Of this profound art

To hold me head up proud


But here I am again

Feeling guilty as I do

Nothing’s changed

Still ashamed

Just longing to write like you


Could you tell me if I’m doing wrong?

This pitiful plea for help

Just sounds like I am

Throwing toys from the pram

Whimpering like a childish whelp


I’ve said what I had to say

Feeling better but know I’ve done wrong

I’ve said too much

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Here's another of The literati mafia's Sunday Poetry Prompts that I had some fun with. Again I've italicised the prompts in the poem for you to see. Hope you like, Sanctuary It stands tall for all to see The shepherd watching the flock A proud monument among cathedrals Strong, sturdy, secure, safe   Its architecture built with …

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You Were Always More Solo Than Skywalker.

Lady Lazarus has kindly give me the thumbs up to reblog this great poem that she has done. Being a big Star Wars fan myself, I just had to give it an extra push on my blog.

Go check out her blog, over at My Own Katz. She’s Gooood !!

Lady Lazarus

Light side

Dark side

You ride the lines between the two

And that’s what works for you



And Clever, too

More brute force

Than goodie two-shoes

Told me that you knew

When I said I loved you

You drive me crazier than any man

I ever knew

What Princess wouldn’t want you?

I know I do.

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She Came From Nowhere

Another challenge met, I'm beginning to like these little challenges. This one, over with our fellow compadres at The literati mafia, was to take three suggested Poetry Prompts and put them in a poem. Just like that. So here's my attempt, first published on The literati mafia. The prompts have been slanted (that's italicised to the professionals) …

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