Welcome to 2019

It’s started… Another day of regretting the night before and that last drink that just pushed us right over the edge. Another month of new year resolutions that may last till February; if we’re lucky. Another year of who know’s what to inspire us all to better ourselves and attempt to not make the same mistakes as last year… Yeah right.

Hey there Guys and Gals, you know I jest, after all I live in Wales where it rains the best part of a whole year but our daffodils still bloom on time. Where our National Emblem is a flaming Red Dragon standing proud for all to see. We’ve even got a rugby team that can still perform on a good day. Rrroll on the Six Nations Championship (that was me trying to write my accent and roll my R’s), and our football (soccer) team aren’t all that bad either.

SMILE; it’s the New Year and regardless of my relentless mental shenanigans, I’m gonna do what I can to get that little bit fitter, smile a little more often and enjoy more of the little things in life.

I’m also thinking of redecorating. That’s right Peeps, some of those old habits still die hard (and yes it is a Christmas film). As a previous web editor I was always told to ‘review the site every 12 months’ and by golly that’s what I’m gonna do; or try to do; hope to do…

To keep things going I thought I’d bring back some or me lesser read pieces from 2018. Just a few over the next few days and hopefully, if I’ve been clever enough, unveil my changes on my anniversary.

So without further ado I present for your entertainment a poem from January last year:




As I look out the window

At the darkening grey sky

I wonder what else is out there

As life is passing by


It’s nice an warm in here

But the rain, it makes me cold

As the pitter-patter makes puddles

On pathway of cobbles bold


The trees stand tall and proud

But their colour, a greyish green

Looks more wintery by the hour

And makes for a gloomy scene


As I sit and watch time fly

The weather keeps getting worse

And poor flowers take a beating

From the tyranny of storms curse


 But soon the sun will shine

And the clouds will go away

Then a rainbow of coloured lines

Will take charge of the changing day


Copyright© JRFC
Images from Pixabay

Happy New Year

Well Guys and Gals, it’s that time of year again. We’re on the cusp of another new year and I want to wish you all the very best.

There are those of you that are probably already celebrating and there are those of you with as much as a day to go.

For me, it’s early evening in South Wales with about six hours left. By the way if this post looks a bit weird, it’s because I’m post from my phone. Yes it’s a first, trying to keep up with the kids and technology, so my apologies if I’m failing miserably.

I’m trying not to get all blubbery but this time of year does get to me with conflicting thoughts of past memories and future hopes. I’ve also got yet another anniversary coming up, for January 5th will be my blogging anniversary.

I can’t deny, making it to this date has been a rollercoaster of an experience. Even now I question myself to whether I should continue. Questioning my experience, my ability, my reasoning etc etc etc…

Then I look back at what I’ve written and all my questions are answered. To continue or not continue; there is no question to answer, I’m just gonna write and you’re all invited along my continued journey.

So get on board you lovely people and let’s have some fun in 2019.

EMOJI OVERLOAD 👍🏻❤️😘😂🎄💪🏻🙏🤙🏻👌🏻😁🍹😍🥰🤩🤘🏻🍰🎂🍪🍺🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Song’s from the Movies

It’s CHRISTMASSSSSS and I’m back in the day Guys and Gals. Back when Hip Hop came to Wales and, now I think about it, trying to write Rap songs. I was never much of a dancer but words, no problem (take that smug look off your face).

Anyhoo, anyone remember this? From the movie Beat Street and Volume 2 of the Soundtrack this was brilliant. It was clever, funny, ironic, real and so on and so forth.

Go watch the slightly shorter movie version over here after you’ve read the hilarious version.

Santa’s Rap

Ho! Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho, open up your door

I’m Santa Claus and guess what y’all

I got something to show

I came to bring some Christmas Spirit

I got a big bag now guess what’s in it

Something for the rich, and something for the poor

So Merry Christmas and ho ho ho


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas my foot

I’ma tell you what Santa really put

Under my so-called tree but in reality

Looked like nothing but a decorated pole to me


Man, you talk about a tree it makes wonder

Cause I never had a tree to put anything under

If I ever did luck up and get a tree

There was never anything under it for me


Man, I don’t what y’all talking about

Cause when I come to your town, I just get chased out

I thought y’all would be happy to see Santa Claus

But all you say is stick them up, and give me yours


You’re lucky; all you did was get ripped off

The next time to keep your big fat ass is up north

Because after my last few Christmas nights

If I see you around my neighborhood, I’m shooting on sight


And I ain’t even got a chimney for you to come down

So ain’t no need for you to be coming around

Cause the last So-Called Santa that came in with the sack

Wasn’t giving out presents, he was taking them back


Man, you all should be glad that I didn’t quit

Cause I’m getting too old for this Santa Claus shit

You think I’m getting presents, made for free

I gotta pay them elves and ain’t nobody paying me


You big fat whale, you might as well quit

Cause I can name a hundred presents that I didn’t get

And if I did get a present it would be a hand-me-down

Yo, I got this for Christmas, now how that sound?


It sounds good to me, cause I’m about to freeze

You wanna see something, look at the bottom of these

Me and brothers can’t go out, at the same time

Cause a coat that’s theirs; is a coat that’s mine


Man, I know one thing; y’all better get off my neck

And wait til you get your welfare check

Go on down to the office and stand on the line

Better hurry up, see, I got mine


Jingle, Jangle, Jingle for the poor

And once you get your welfare check

Y’all can kiss my mistletoe

Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho


That’s why the presents keep getting mixed up

Cause year after year you keep fucking up

And now I know why cause you’re always drunk

Instead of G.I. Joe, you send me this junk


That ain’t a G.I. Joe that’s a G.I. jerk

With a Kung Fu grip that don’t even work

So all I did was just put him away

Cause my G.I. Joe looked G.I. gay


That’s why you don’t get presents now cause you just ingrates

If the G.I. Joe is gay; what difference does it make?

After all he’s just a doll, ain’t too much he can do

If you ask me boy, I ain’t to sure about you


Man, forget about that, what about these shoes?

Instead of Christmas Carols, I’m singing the blues

Staring at the clock, looking hard at the time

Cause I just played the number combinated on a dime


I played 234 and put a penny on seven

Combinated 412 and deleted eleven

Put my last five cents on 356

And after all that I didn’t eat shit


Jingle, Jangle, Jingle for the poor

And once you get your welfare check

You won’t play in numbers no more

Ho, ho, ho – won’t play them no more

Yeah, you got that, right?


Alright listen Bloato, with your big fat suit

Next time say: no don’t send no substitute

Because I asked you for a beatbox and you know what I got?

Doug E. Fresh, you know that kid from down the block


For a facsimile, we must admit

Doug E. Fresh is good and made a perfect fit

He’s the only reason why we weren’t totally mad

Without Doug E our Christmas would’ve been really sad


Jingle, Jangle, Jingle for the poor

And once you get your welfare check

Even Doug E Fresh go go

Ho, ho, ho Doug E Fresh go go


To top Christmas off; I had no loving in a while

I love to have sex but I can’t afford a child

My girl wants a baby but I had to chill

She said if you don’t want a baby then you take the pill


(What is Christmas for?) Huh (What is Christmas for?)

What is Christmas for? – Yeah! What is Christmas for?


Wind up toys that don’t wind up  (Mama Mama!)

Talking dolls that don’t shut up (Mama Mama!)

This is the type of present that you buy when you’re poor

So that’s what you have to settle for


And it ain’t no secret that everything’s sunny

If you’re living in Palm Springs with all that money

Americanomics works and I won’t argue that is true

But if the economy is getting better, getting better for who?


Well, if you ask me I’m doing much worse than before

With the welfare cuts, I don’t eat no more

So if I did wanna go out, I couldn’t go nowhere

Cause I ate every last one of them reindeer


Rudolph first, I went down the list

I got so hungry, I just couldn’t resist

I ate Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Dixon

Fried them up and then started to mix them

And before you knew it, they were all gone

I wonder what y’all gonna do about my reindeer song


We’ll sing silent night and jingle bells

And all those Christmas rhymes

Cause nobody gives a shit about your reindeer and hard times


You just Jingle and Jangle and hang out with the poor

And when you get your welfare check, you might rent them by the store

Doug E. Fresh and Magnificent Force, and head on out the door

And leave these party people sing the Jingle, Jangle for the poor


Jingle, Jangle, Jingle for the poor

Don’t take us for granted, cause you may never know

One day when your least expect it, we could even up the scope

So just jingle, jangle, jingle with the poor


Sing! Jingle, jangle, a jingle jangle with the poor

Jingle, jangle, jingle with the poor (Ho, ho, ho – Ho, ho, ho)

Jingle, jangle, a jingle jangle with the poor (Everybody Sing!)

Jingle, jangle, jingle with the poor (Ho, ho, ho – Come On!)

Jingle, jangle, a jingle jangle with the…


Artists: Kool Moe Dee,  Doug E. Fresh, The Treacherous Three

Written by Kevin Keaton, LaMar Hill, Mohandas Dewese

Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

Never Lose Hope – The Mush From The Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution for their December theme Hope.

I hope you enjoy; see what I did there. I crack myself up 😁



There’s no better time than now

When the world is so fraught

With hurt, pain and sadness

T’is the season to be jolly

Open your hearts, your souls

To the wonder that Christmas brings


Peace on earth and good will to all

Doesn’t that sound so much more than

“Get out of my face you bum and get a job”

Better than

“You’re just weighing me down I don’t need you”

Love thy Neighbour


There’s no cliché in Christmas

So don’t look for it

Celebrate the hope and the joy it brings

For it can endure

Be the hand that reaches out

As the light of a single candle reaches through the dark


Be joy; be love, be hope!

Not just Christmas Day but everyday

Let the Yuletide Spirit fill you

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