A Little Bit Down

As you all know I’m a little bit down

You can see on my face I wear a frown

But don’t you worry for my today

It’s not permanent I’ll be okay


I sometimes wonder where this gloom comes from

Past misadventures, a vengeful maelstrom

A pack of white lies chasing after me

Bearing teeth hysterically


Universal retribution for the bad things I’ve done

A metaphorical jail sentence, an illusionary dungeon

An itch I can’t scratch, a thorn in my side

Similes and metaphors; can’t seem to avoid


So I’ll step back, sigh; count to ten

Just you watch as I take back my Zen

With psychic barriers and charms for luck

I’ll be up and at em causing mischief and havoc


Copyright © JRFC February 2019

Image from Pixabay

Get up

Warning: Bad language and lots of rambling through out.

That’s right Guys and Gals, I apologise now but I am in a right two and eight at the moment. I’m on a roller coaster ride that I’m struggling to get off and I fucking hate roller coasters. Why; you might ask, probably cos I fear for my life; I would answer. To prove my point, there’s been a few break downs over here with some dire consequences.

If you’ve read my two previous posts you may well have felt the bad vibe radiating off them, like uranium rods from Mr Burns’ Nuclear Plant. Well this one is the high on my roller coaster ride and when I say high I mean screaming like a little girl to let me off.

I didn’t want to write anything lately (again) feeling the way I do. I felt guilty about the fact that my moods, my manic fucking monkey banging around in my head are probably as severe as being hit by shit off a fan. You may stink for a while but it ain’t life or death.

Thanks to a conversation I had with a friend today, I’ve straighten my twisted mind and decided to go all out. So this one, third time to charm, is a poem I wrote a couple of years back. I revised it and posted it last year but this is the original uncut version. I’m hoping this purge will calm me down a bit.

Get Up

Get up off your ass

It’s time to fight

Fight for your fucking right

Be who you want, show your might


Get up off your ass

It’s time to fight

Fight for your belief

No matter what, don’t bury your grief


Get up off your ass

It’s time to fight

Fight when you’re down

Get the fuck up, don’t be their clown


Get up off your ass

It’s time to fight

Fight for every breath

Your lungs will burn but no time for death


Get up off your ass

It’s time to fight

Fight for your life

And however you want to live it


Step back and relax

The fight is done

You’ve won



Copyright © JRFC September 2017    

Image from Pixabay