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60 Days to Go!

Though I realise that they are badly out of sync, I’m just not going to let that worry me, because the world isn’t going to blow up just because I’ve lost track of what day goes with what Blog – as long as they’re all kinda numbered, we’re doing fine and that suits me …

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One Last Time

I’m no surprise to you now

You know me of old

And stories told

No need to fear that I’m here

Walking among you


I see you glance at me

From the corner of your eye

As I pass you by

But you prefer not to look

And I take no offence


But I am here again

Just a polite reminder

To your complacency

Your ignorance

Once your time is done; I’ll come


Remember Old Joe

No, he was left and forgotten

Out of sight, out of mind

Turning up none the less

A discomfort to your ignorance


Remember how they fell

A moment of impatience

And I’m holding someone’s hand

Leading them on a different journey

Leaving friends and family behind


I’m here, there, I’m everywhere

Do not be blind to me

I am a reminder to you

To live out your days

With joy and happiness


Be thoughtful, be thankful

Smile once in a while

Because I am here

Watching… While I wait

For you!


Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image from Pixabay

My Special Guest tonight is…

Charles Baudelaire and The Vampire

Charles Pierre Baudelaire born in  April 1821 was a French poet who also produced notable work as an essayist, art critic, and pioneering translator of Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe, need I say anymore.

The Vampire

You that, like a dagger’s thrust,
Have entered my complaining heart,
You that, stronger than a host
Of demons, came, wild yet prepared;

Within my mind’s humility
You made your bed and your domain;
– Infamous one who’s bound to me
Like any felon by his chain,

Like a gambler by his games,
Like the bottle and the sot,
Like the worms in one’s remains,
– Damn you! Damnation be your lot!

I’ve begged the merciful, swift sword
To overcome my liberty –
To poison I have said the word:
Save me from poltroonery.

Alas the sword! Alas the poison!
Contemptuous, they spoke to me
“You never can deserve remission
Of your accursed slavery,

“Imbecile! – If our deadly empire
Freed you from your present fate,
Your kiss would soon resuscitate
The cold cadaver of your vampire!”

Her Apartment…

I… I’m here,

This is her place.

I stood there for a little while wondering what to do next. I looked up and down the street hoping the answer would just present itself but nothing and no one appeared. I looked back at the building, this old almost derelict building. It didn’t make sense; the building was so decrepit, no one could have lived there for years and yet I knew I had been there just six months ago.

With my urge for answers strengthening I stepped through the main lobby door. It felt so much colder inside than out. In front of me, I began the ascent up the staircase, old, noisy and dust ridden. I kept walking up not really knowing what floor to go to, hoping that something would be familiar and then I smelt it, that purple fragrance.

With my nose in the air, sniffing like a blood hound, I followed the aroma. It wasn’t hard to do and I found myself on the top floor with two apartments either side of the corridor. On one side the smells were musty and damp, on the other the fragrance, my fragrance of… What was that smell?

I knocked somewhat timidly at first hoping no one was there. When no one did answer I knocked again, this time with a bit more vigour. I was beginning to feel disappointed at the fact no one was answering.

When no answer came again I took hold of the door knob, retracting quickly as it was freezing cold. It felt as though it had been in a freezer for some time and then fitted to the door not moments earlier. Still, with my jacket sleeve wrapped around my hand I took hold of the handle again and turned.

The door opened.


To be continued…

Find out how the story begins.

Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image from Pixabay