The Seven Deadly Tankas… Wraith

God was to Blame



All they wanted was

The love and laughter and joy

A child yes, what fun?

Where could they snatch one of those?

“After all where were you God?”


Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from Pixabay

Autumns Children

They are born to the autumns chilled winds

Sun sparkles light their bright eyes

Their skin as pale as the morning’s frost

She helps tend the flora

He protector of fauna

Spreading love and joy

They dance, sing and provide for all

Before winters long sleep

Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from Pixabay

Christmas Lights

Tanka with the Mush



Children have such fun

Santa’s float is on the way

Parents stamp the ground

Staying warm is on their minds

Then the Christmas lights switch on


Copyright © JRFC December 2018
Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash