One Last Time

I’m no surprise to you now

You know me of old

And stories told

No need to fear that I’m here

Walking among you


I see you glance at me

From the corner of your eye

As I pass you by

But you prefer not to look

And I take no offence


But I am here again

Just a polite reminder

To your complacency

Your ignorance

Once your time is done; I’ll come


Remember Old Joe

No, he was left and forgotten

Out of sight, out of mind

Turning up none the less

A discomfort to your ignorance


Remember how they fell

A moment of impatience

And I’m holding someone’s hand

Leading them on a different journey

Leaving friends and family behind


I’m here, there, I’m everywhere

Do not be blind to me

I am a reminder to you

To live out your days

With joy and happiness


Be thoughtful, be thankful

Smile once in a while

Because I am here

Watching… While I wait

For you!


Copyright © JRFC May 2019
Image from Pixabay

My Special Guest tonight is…

Langston Hughes and Suicide

James Mercer Langston Hughes, born in February 1901 and from Joplin, Missouri was a bit of an all rounder being a poet, activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist.

My usual surfing the open expanse of the WWW brought me to this poignant three verser with, to some, a touchy subject for a title.

I remember a time when this just wasn’t talked about, such a cowardly and selfish act. Now-a-days though with information so widely available, this and so many other taboo topics are now just tomorrows fish and chip wrappers. Don’t get me wrong I’m not belittling any such traumatic or devastating issues.

I just feel that the innocence of the world has been lost somewhere and I wonder about when it became so sad.

But I guess I’m not saying anything you don’t already know.



Ma sweet good man has

Packed his trunk an’ left.

Ma sweet good man has

Packed his trunk an’ left.

Nobody to love me:

I’m gonna kill ma self.


I’m gonna buy me a knife with

A blade ten inches long,

Gonna buy me a knife with

A blade ten inches long.

Shall I carve ma self or

That man that done me wrong?


‘Lieve I’ll jump in de river

Eighty-nine feet deep.

‘Lieve I’ll jump in de river

Eighty-nine feet deep.

Cause de river’s quiet

And a po’ po’ gal can sleep.


Ghost in the Mirror

Looking in the mirror it’s all I can see

The ghost of a dead man looking back at me

I loved him so much, father of mine

But all I want now is a chance to be free


You were the boss, you drew the line

Nobody dared to undermine

On pain of death that’s how it felt

Life was easier just to resign


Your hands big enough no need for a belt

Only the once did I show the welt

But once was enough to be scared of you

Mental anguish is what you dealt


No longer here, this much is true

I couldn’t even mourn for you

I still hear your belittling discourse

Bullish words I never outgrew


Back in the mirror, I look again

With weary smile, I count to ten

I am who I am, what will be; will be!

Living my life until death knows when


Copyright © JRFC April 2019

A Cold War Nightmare

“Your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash”, a great Top Gun quote and kind of how I’m feeling.

My fight with my demented monkey is not getting any better so I’m gonna make a strategic retreat and take a time out. I’m afraid to say that I just can’t multi-task and I’m suffering for it. I seem to have a lot going on at the moment and I’m struggling to keep up.

This is not good bye this is see you later, at least from a writing point of view. So as a parting gift I’ll leave you with a failed short story. I entered it into a competition after some persuasion but to no avail.

Maybe I’m just not a story writer. Still I wrote it so I’ll publish it like I do. My attempt at a 300 word Flash Fiction.

Hwyl Fawr Ffrindiau.

A Cold War Nightmare

It was all over the news. Chaos had ensued around him and all he could do was stand there at the edge of the shore.

He should have been thinking about other things, like life flashing before his eyes kind of things. Instead he stood mindfully watching the gentle tide ebb and flow around his feet as they sunk into the wet sand.

He didn’t think that morning that the day would end like this. End; such a resolute word, to end, to stop, to cease, he just didn’t care anymore. He couldn’t do anything about it because there was no more time.

No time to play games on his console. No time to go to the movies, No time to kiss and hug his loved ones and say goodbye. No time.

No more time because they were coming. That sound, that distinctive sound coming from the horizon, getting closer, getting louder. His mind was trying to distinguish it with something different to what he knew it was. A hurricane, a tsunami, a swarm of giant killer bees, anything with a chance of survival after the event.

Unfortunately, this was not natural; this was manmade by stupid, incompetent, childish Man. He giggled to himself ironically, as he thought ‘who am I to judge’.

He was soon pulled from his thoughts as the sound became something to look at racing across the sky and yet time seemed to slow down. It was such a beautiful day with the sun shining bright in a pale blue summer sky. Not a cloud could be seen to hide the horror that was about to envelope the world. Then silence.

Silence as he watched the first of the missiles drop from the sky and hit the sea with a blinding white flash and… The end!


Copyright © JRFC February 2019

Images from Pixabay, modified by JRFC.