One Room, One Light

This grizzly little number was posted in July last year and was the result of a bloggers challenge.

One Room, One Light

What’s going on in the middle of the night?

That one room with that one light


What’s going on in the middle of the day?

The room with the light that never goes away


Remember, curiosity can be a killer

Your mind may boil, your body may blister


You know what happened to the cat?

It didn’t end well I’ll tell you that


The horrific sight, a man and his wife

Both clinging on for dear life


Playing a game they thought was safe

Then lightening balls began to strafe


The portal opened, a very large hole

A demons hand to take a soul


Their bodies were left all shrivelled and white

Just lying their having died of fright


Okay I confess, it’s a story I heard

And agree its rubbish, completely absurd


But that one room;

With that one light;

Continues to shine;

All day and all night


Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC


Going back a good few years ago I had what I prefer to call ‘an episode’ that wasn’t very pleasant. I’d always suffered with mood swings and irrational moments but on that fateful day, I crashed. Lucky for me I had a great network of friends and family to help get me through that rough time.

During that mind frying moment I had, what I can only call, an odd experience. It’s not something that I can explain, not only would it sound bonkers but I’d be a little fearful of people knocking on my door wearing white coats holding a special jacket for me.

Maybe the poem will explain.


When I went mad

Sometime ago

While I was getting older


I heard a voice

Inside my ear

T’was an angel on my shoulder


You’re not alone

It said to me

As I was getting colder


From fear

Hanging on to me

And confusion taking over


I turned my head

And tried to glance

Cause I was feeling bolder


Only to see

T’was nothing on me

Left alone and feeling bitter

Little Devils (PixaBay)


And then a thought

I cringed a bit

Could it have been a deceiver?


A devil

Making fun of me

Of that I’m now a believer

Copyright © JRFC July 2017
Image from Pixabay