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Langston Hughes and Suicide

James Mercer Langston Hughes, born in February 1901 and from Joplin, Missouri was a bit of an all rounder being a poet, activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist.

My usual surfing the open expanse of the WWW brought me to this poignant three verser with, to some, a touchy subject for a title.

I remember a time when this just wasn’t talked about, such a cowardly and selfish act. Now-a-days though with information so widely available, this and so many other taboo topics are now just tomorrows fish and chip wrappers. Don’t get me wrong I’m not belittling any such traumatic or devastating issues.

I just feel that the innocence of the world has been lost somewhere and I wonder about when it became so sad.

But I guess I’m not saying anything you don’t already know.



Ma sweet good man has

Packed his trunk an’ left.

Ma sweet good man has

Packed his trunk an’ left.

Nobody to love me:

I’m gonna kill ma self.


I’m gonna buy me a knife with

A blade ten inches long,

Gonna buy me a knife with

A blade ten inches long.

Shall I carve ma self or

That man that done me wrong?


‘Lieve I’ll jump in de river

Eighty-nine feet deep.

‘Lieve I’ll jump in de river

Eighty-nine feet deep.

Cause de river’s quiet

And a po’ po’ gal can sleep.


His Eulogy

This came from the morning after a panic attack on the night of a bad day.

His Eulogy

After a life of blatant narcissism, thankfully he passed away when he took his own self-obsessed life. He leaves behind his relieved wife after a long suffering marriage and two children: each having differing perspectives about their relationship or lack thereof of their promise breaking, over powering, fat bastard of a father.

He hasn’t left behind a big family, only his Mother, Sister and Nephew. Thankfully for them, of course, they never saw him very much. He always declared to be there, they were lucky to get a phone call once in a while. Oops sorry, that should say, they tried phoning him to only get his ‘humorous’ message service; so he thought. The rest of his family are now either dead or forgotten.

He too is quickly forgotten by friends who were sick and tired of his arrogance, self-pity and false promises. He let them down so many times that they couldn’t be bothered to turn up today to his funeral. After all, he made so many excuses to why he couldn’t see them, why would anyone expect them to come along. Unfortunately they will be missing out on a free bar later to celebrate, I mean,  commiserate his passing.

I’ve been asked not to mention his employers; they’ve already moved on and replaced his fat whinging ass.

My last thought of him; what a Twat. No wonder he didn’t pass his exams at school, he couldn’t even spell the word Mosh right.

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Image from Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay