To You

In the night

Sweet are the dreams He

Bestows upon your troubled brow

Each one designed for you to play with in your dreamscape

While your conscience is accosted in the outside world

He shares with you the delights of

Peace, serenity

And the Moon





Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from the Artwork of Johanna Ost

In Dreams

Walking through your dreams

You see the path ahead

A moment to catch your breath

As you ponder the next step

The path is no longer true

But a ladder leading on, higher

In front of you


Its destination is fog bound

There is no trace

Just the rungs, bending and turning

Like the snake that wants to trip you up

Sending you back to who knows where

You continue to stare

And prepare to take that first step


Bravely, one foot then the next

But you don’t get far

As the ladder creaks, a rung breaks

You awake from the jolt of the fall

And questioning what it means

Clinging to the dream

You look inward for answers…


Copyright © JRFC December 2018
Image from Pixabay

Have I Dreamed – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press.


Have I dreamed my life away?

Wanting to prove myself

To peers, family



Have I been egotistical, arrogant?

Narcissistic, wanting the best

Being the best



Is that my failing, forgetting who I am

Wrapped up in that world

Not mine, is that



But dreams are not free of charge

Dreams are not cheap

They’re hard



Maybe I have dreamed my life away

Aren’t dreams to live for?

To strive for



Maybe I should sit back, get passed by

Watching life say goodbye

For the end is



Then tell me, what’s the point; to dream

Where did I go so wrong?

Time has gone





Copyright © JRFC July 2018