The Seven Deadly Tankas… Wraith

God was to Blame



All they wanted was

The love and laughter and joy

A child yes, what fun?

Where could they snatch one of those?

“After all where were you God?”


Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from Pixabay

The Devil’s Mockery

You want to dance with the devil; I see

Find out all the bad things he can be

Have you considered this carefully?

Then make your choice but choose wisely!


Wouldst thou place thy handeth on his own chest

Only blacken’d heart lies neath those ribs

Of scorched bone

While vile stench doth reek

From the pores of his own diseas’d flesh





A visual


A message

A Picture

That can speak a thousand words of the atrocities

And outrageous brutalities he’s bared witness to

Partaken in





A whisper in your ear

Of the secrets that have been seen

Secrets you don’t want others to know

Sshhh, don’t worry he won’t tell

For a drop of blood on parchment


Are screaming words enough

For him to get into your mind

Like maggots on rotten meat

Burrowing, feeding on your fear

Turning your subconscious against you

Toward him


Have you made your choice yet? No?

Well never mind

After all it’s too late now

I’m quite fond of you

And you should know

You can’t bargain with the devil


I think I’ll stick around

Oh I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself

I’m going to take good care of you…


Copyright © JRFC July 2019
Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay

Challenge Met

Another first for me as a new blogger, a challenge was set and not one to shy away from a challenge (my old scares bear witness) the challenge was met. This poem is the result of that challenge set by one of our fellow bloggers for a bit of fun.

I gonna stop saying challenge now… DoH! Moving on.

Although it first got published on SaraInLaLaLand’s blog a few months ago, I thought I’d give a page of its own.

I hope you like.

One Room, One Light

What’s going on in the middle of the night?

That one room with that one light


What’s going on in the middle of the day?

The room with the light that never goes away


Remember, curiosity can be a killer

Your mind may boil, your body may blister


You know what happened to the cat?

It didn’t end well I’ll tell you that


The horrific sight, a man and his wife

Both clinging on for dear life


Playing a game they thought was safe

Then lightening balls began to strafe


The portal opened, a very large hole

A demons hand to take a soul


Their bodies were left all shriveled and white

Just lying their having died of fright


Okay I confess, it’s a story I heard

And agree its rubbish, absurd


But that one room;

With that one light;

Continues to shine;

All day and all night


Copyright © JRFC April 2018