Love Is…

It’s my second anniversary today. “Second” I hear you say. Allow my to explain, very briefly; we’ve been married for quite awhile but we’ve been together for much longer. So we like to remember that date as well.

Some might say Ahhh. Some might say Ewww. I say your absolutely right.

Happy Anniversary Mrs, love ya ❤️

Love Is…

I remember what love is…

College kids and

Raging hormones

Fleeting glances

Trying to connect


I remember what love is…

The first clasp of hands

Pulses race, hearts skip

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Officially together


I remember what love is…

The first kiss

A fog shrouded lane

Immature tongues clash

Strong and passionate


I remember what love is…

Fumbling’s on an old settee

Excitement growing

With every clumsy grope

And bodies climax as never before


I remember what love is…

A proposed future

Of mutual consent

A look in each other’s eyes

Followed by popping corks


I remember what love is…

A promise made

In spoken vows

Signed and witnessed

Traditional formalities kept


I remember what love is…

Pain, anguish, fear

New life born

Into an old world

What now?


I remember what love is…

The hardship, the arguments

The doubt, the worry

But never giving up

The towel held firmly in hand


I know what love is…

Still standing together

The best of friends

The worst of enemies

Lovers never doubting what love is


Copyright © JRFC November 2018
Image from Pixabay, modified bt JRFC

Boys Night Out

Here’s one I posted on my Face Book page a little while back under the the collective title I call MftH Shorts.

Hope you like.

Boys Night Out

A boys night out, sitting round the table

Drunk on jokes, feeling willing and able

A wink to the girls, a grunt to the men

Back to the drinking and cussing again

Step out the door, hit by the fresh air

To wake up the next morning

Wondering how you got there

Copyright © JRFC May 2018
Image from Pixabay