To You

In the night

Sweet are the dreams He

Bestows upon your troubled brow

Each one designed for you to play with in your dreamscape

While your conscience is accosted in the outside world

He shares with you the delights of

Peace, serenity

And the Moon





Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from the Artwork of Johanna Ost


In celebration of my wife’s 50th Birthday.


We came together

Raging hormones flying high

Fun lusting youngsters


We learned together

Hearts entwined by clumsy grip

Climbing like ivy


We fought together

Cursed words of hatred and pain

Crowded space, no air


We stayed together

Promises of chance and luck

Wrapped up in hope’s sash


We love together

Spiritual countenance

Life’s binding contract


We cry together

Tears of pain and of joy

Ending in rainbows


Soul mates forever

Sewn together by life’s thread

Real loves tapestry


Copyright © JRFC June 2019 
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

My Special Guest tonight is…

Robert Burns and A Red, Red Rose

A Scottish poet and lyricist Burns was born in 1759 in Alloway, Ayrshire and was known by many names, my favourite or which is Rabbie Burns, I love that. He wrote his poetry in his native Scots language as well as in English. A man of many talents it would seem.

He is thought of as a pioneer of the Romantic Movement. Even after his death he became a great source of inspiration around the world. Celebration of his life and work became almost a national charismatic cult and his influence has long been strong on Scottish literature.

This lovely poem I thought suited the time of year. Although Valentine’s Day has passed is this not the month when we do the dance of love (and I’m trying to cheer up (forced smile)).

So I hope you enjoy this lovely poem, which I found read better with my imaginary Scottish accent.

A Red, Red Rose

O my Luve is like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June;

O my Luve is like the melody

That’s sweetly played in tune.


So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,

So deep in luve am I;

And I will luve thee still, my dear,

Till a’ the seas gang dry.


Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,

And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;

I will love thee still, my dear,

While the sands o’ life shall run.


And fare thee weel, my only luve!

And fare thee weel awhile!

And I will come again, my luve,

Though it were ten thousand mile.

Be a Rainbow…

I hope no one minds but I thought I’d do something different for this post. Up till now my ramblings have been my feeble attempts at poetry. This time I’d like to ramble about something a little more… Personal.

Today is my wedding anniversary, 27 years with my beautiful Mrs. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying though that this is what we call our second anniversary. Our first anniversary, which we celebrate in November, recognises the day when we first met. This November we will have been together 33 years.

In today’s money I think that’s quite an investment :).

The truth is, I love this woman as much now as I did when I first met her. My apologies if it sounds a cliche but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy, we’ve had some bust ups, real hum dingers but we came out the other end still standing. Even now with my ‘issues’, being out of the mental health closet, she’s had a lot to put up with but still manages to love me.

So this morning we went to one of our local beach cafés for breakfast. The sun was shining, blue sky; it truly was a perfectly beautiful morning. After food we took a walk along the front and came across a collection of different chalk drawings and messages. One of the quotes, which I’ve added above, kinda summoned up the day for me.

“Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud”.

Happy Anniversary Mrs XX,