Christmas Lights

Tanka with the Mush



Children have such fun

Santa’s float is on the way

Parents stamp the ground

Staying warm is on their minds

Then the Christmas lights switch on


Copyright © JRFC December 2018
Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

Mr Bumblebee

Hi there Peeps, this ones a nice simple rhyme inspired by the lovely weather and all the critters that came to my garden this year.

Hope you like.

Mr Bumblebee

Hey there Mr Bumblebee

Why do you have to rush?

The world is spinning around you

You’re gonna get a flush


I’m sure Mrs Bumblebee

Would want you safely home

So careful what you do out there

And get back to your honeycomb


I know you have a job to do

Collecting pollen from the flowers

But Mrs Bumblebee is worrying

You’ve been gone for hours


So thank you Mr Bumblebee

For putting the world to rights

Pollenating all the flowers

Keeping the air clean and bright


Time to go home Mr Bumblebee

Your working day is done

Kiss your wife and baby bees

Go home and have some fun


Copyright © JRFC September 2018
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

To Boldly Go but no Kessel Run

For ‘T’… 

Spanning two centuries

Travelled the future and past

The Starship Enterprise

A vessel that surpassed


From the end of her nacelles

To the front of her saucer

The pride of Star Fleet

When the time came to launch her


Armed to the hilt

Her weapons were many

With torpedoes and phasers

She had a bite that was deadly


She had many Captains

From Pike to Picard

Add the finest of crews

They were Star Fleets vanguard


From NX 01

Through the alphabet to E

Registration on her hull

Put fear in all who see


At Warp Speed 9

She’s got no restraint

But the Millennium Falcon

She ain’t !!


Did the Kessel Run in 12 Par Sec’s no less !


Copyright © JRFC August 2018
Image from Conectica