Inspired by the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ this was published back in February 2018.

Memories of a Childhood Dream

Light Sabre

As the old man walks

It begins to rain

Lifting his hood

Memories entertain


He’s sent right back

To his childhood days

And a Jedi Knight

With mystical ways


Walking stick in hand

Not in his mind’s eye

A flash of Purple

As it lifts to the sky


But the rain soon passes

The sun comes out

He pulls off his hood

And without a doubt


He’s just the old man

Walking stick in hand

But remembers fondly

That wonderland


Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay


The black Knight walks his path

In search of a truth he’ll never find

Loved by a father he cannot trust

Known by a mother he does not know


A sword of fiery red in his tight grip

The bond he depends on with his life

A Ren by name but not by birth

Torn apart by legacy and conflict


A petulant child in an adult mind

Confused by teachings

From a tyrant with a violent agenda

Equally deformed as history written


A future not yet decided

His path only half trod

An ambition not yet fulfilled

Following a dead name, Grandfather, Lord… Vader.


Copyright © JRFC August 2018
The image is readily available in various places on the internet and believed to be in the public domain. I hope no one minds.