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A E Housman and Her Strong Enchantments Failing

Loving this gruesome poem from Mr Alfred Edward Housman (AE to his friends I’ll bet) was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire in England.

Usually known as A. E. Housman (told you), was an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad.

Her Strong Enchantments Failing

Her strong enchantments failing,
Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poison
And the knife at her back,

The Queen of air and darkness
Begins to shrill and cry,
‘Oh young man, oh my slayer,
Tomorrow you shall die.’

Oh Queen of air and darkness,
I think ‘tis truth you say,
And I shall die tomorrow;
but you will die today.


In celebration of my wife’s 50th Birthday.


We came together

Raging hormones flying high

Fun lusting youngsters


We learned together

Hearts entwined by clumsy grip

Climbing like ivy


We fought together

Cursed words of hatred and pain

Crowded space, no air


We stayed together

Promises of chance and luck

Wrapped up in hope’s sash


We love together

Spiritual countenance

Life’s binding contract


We cry together

Tears of pain and of joy

Ending in rainbows


Soul mates forever

Sewn together by life’s thread

Real loves tapestry


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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay



Its noise

Piercing my mind

Screaming for me to feed



Just people

They have no clue

What I am capable of



Must drink

On their blood

Fresh, red and warm



Just taste

My sticky saliva

On their pulsing skin



My Bite

Opens vein

Pleasing my thirst



Hunger Quenched

Satisfying blackened heart

Until noise screams to feed again


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The Church

How could I forget?

Sacrilege scorched

To the back of my eyelids

And I see it over and over

Every time I close my eyes


This terrible memory

Has not been lost over time

As I recall that cruel night

A night as black as pitch

And the cold, icy and biting


From my bedroom window

I could see the church on the hill

A beacon of hope standing the test of time

Now engulfed in a flaming fiery blaze

That could have come from Hell itself


The star lit sky was bright orange

While the smoke created patterns

Swirling in the wind that fanned the blaze

The structure began to fail

Stone collapsed and wood splintered


Fixated by this terrible sight

I swear I saw dark shadows

Dancing around the fire

Their gestures in celebration of

The demise of this symbol of good


Mesmerised by the moment

I could see the flames

Through the shadows

Given the illusion of

Eyes and mouths and teeth


Orange red eyes that glowed

Mouths that formed toothy grins

Menacing grins that turned

Into what looked like

Open mouthed laughter


Each gesture melding into the next

With each shape changing and

Melting into the next demonic shape

And all I could do was stand my ground

Watching this terrible event unfurl


I didn’t sleep much that night

To a young boy witnessing

Such a cruel, frightening vision

My dreams were tormented by

The shadows scratching at my window


The next morning I woke

And sprung to my window

Had I witness a terrible nightmare

No; there it was the smouldering

Scorched unholy skeleton


I quietly wept, for hope had burned to the ground.


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One Last Time

I’m no surprise to you now

You know me of old

And stories told

No need to fear that I’m here

Walking among you


I see you glance at me

From the corner of your eye

As I pass you by

But you prefer not to look

And I take no offence


But I am here again

Just a polite reminder

To your complacency

Your ignorance

Once your time is done; I’ll come


Remember Old Joe

No, he was left and forgotten

Out of sight, out of mind

Turning up none the less

A discomfort to your ignorance


Remember how they fell

A moment of impatience

And I’m holding someone’s hand

Leading them on a different journey

Leaving friends and family behind


I’m here, there, I’m everywhere

Do not be blind to me

I am a reminder to you

To live out your days

With joy and happiness


Be thoughtful, be thankful

Smile once in a while

Because I am here

Watching… While I wait

For you!


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Image from Pixabay